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What Makes Accel Sports Fundraising a leader in their industry?

By combining two industries, financial planning and fundraising into one cohesive plan, Accel Sports Fundraising is Accelerating the industry to the next level. Focusing on our client's needs and goals as a group first and building a financial plan around that has created many success stories. Once a client's goals are identified we move on to creating a gameplan for success. Our hands-on approach to fundraising has allowed many groups to stay focused on their goals while we figure out how to raise the money they need to achieve those goals.

What makes Accel Sports Fundraising such a great choice for fundraising is our defined process known as the 6 Steps to Success:

In short, your program will run smoothly, quickly and with your goals met for this season and many more years to come.

ALL of this service is FREE! The benefit of working with Accel Sports Fundraising isn't just the great products... it is the personal touch that Accelerates Your Success!

How is Accel Sports Fundraising the home of the $10,000 fundraiser?

Currently our success has reached the level where an average Accel Sports Fundraiser lasts less than 2 weeks time and raises over $10,000. That equates to over $100 profit per participant and many programs are averaging over $200 per participant. By following our customized fundraising solutions our clients are experiencing success that is 2 to 3 times more profitable than the average in the industry.


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